Transgender women in Malaysia, relating to HIV and Islam: a qualitative learn of stakeholders’ impressions

Transgender women in Malaysia, relating to HIV and Islam: a qualitative learn of stakeholders’ impressions



Worldwide, one of the important people thought to be at high risk of obtaining HIV are transgender people, often a marginalised group. From inside the Malaysian setting we have seen a shortage of published reports for transgender females, a sensitive issues in a Muslim most place, where Islam takes on an influential character in world. Additionally, there has been a paucity of exploration regarding just how this sort of issues relate with HIV anticipation in transgender feamales in Malaysia.

Thus, the aim of this research is to check out the conduct of stakeholders taking part in HIV cures strategy in Malaysia towards transgender lady, because of the Islamic situation.


Complete interviews were performed with stakeholders tangled up in HIV avoidance, Ministry of fitness, spiritual forerunners and other people coping with HIV, such as transgender ladies. Thirty-five people comprise recruited making use of purposive sampling from June to December 2013 within Kuala Lumpur and encompassing vicinities. Interviews were directly, audiotaped, transcribed verbatim and made use of a framework studies.


Five crucial design come forth from the qualitative info; awareness of Transgender people as well as their set in Society; Reaching out to Transgender ladies; Islamic philosophy; ‘Cure’, ‘Correction’ and finally, Stigma and Discrimination.

Talk: Islamic rulings about transgenderism are usually the validation provided by participants chastising transgender people, whilst there were additionally a whole lot more gradual conduct and area for question. Pervasive bad conduct and stigma and discrimination developed a climate wherein transgender people commonly felt at ease with non-governmental organizations.


The situation of transgender pof or zoosk feamales in Malaysia and HIV deterrence are an extremely sensitive and painful and difficult ambiance for all those stakeholders, with the Muslim framework and current appropriate program. Despite this evident impasse, you will find practically possible areas that could be increased to optimize HIV deterrence services and setting for transgender women in Malaysia.


Globally, among the trick associations known to be at risky of buying HIV are actually transgender females, characterized for the true purpose of this study, as people appointed a man sex at start but just who diagnose themselves for being females. Transgender females often symbolize a marginalised citizens and a ‘very high weight residents for HIV’ [1]. In an intensive meta-analysis and systematic examine conducted by Baral and friends, an evaluation belonging to the relative HIV problem in transgender girls is completed such as 15 region which uncovered a pooled HIV incidence of 19.1percent in 11,066 girls internationally and so the possibilities relation to be infected with HIV for transgender lady weighed against all adults of a reproductive years would be 48.8 [1]. The authors deduce that there’s an ‘urgent demand for avoidance’ in transgender women in friends being frequently maybe not involved in national HIV monitoring and discover factors, like involvement in high-risk sodomy with guy creating her weakness, or mark and discrimination in healthcare options as limitations to opening HIV deterrence solutions [1]. Inside UNAIDS Prohibition Gap Report, key populations like transgender women can be maybe not achieved by current cures initiatives [2]. The Parts of asia Pacific Trans Blueprint for Health in Action unmistakably describes ‘trans women as disproportionately affected by HIV—yet there are still insufficient programs or providers aiimed at see trans-specific require’ [3]. Studies have figured that transgender women can be at increasing threat of HIV with points, like for example bad sexual perceptions, industrial intercourse process and stigma and discrimination [4]. Operario and peers carried out a meta-analysis and located the incidence of HIV was larger in transgender female gender staff compared to transgender women that couldn’t take part in love get the job done, 27.3per cent and 14.7percent correspondingly [5].

Likewise, Transgender female typically are at possibilities or get an increased concern of medical problems except that HIV just like psychological issues and chemical abuse [6], including pervasive social discrimination that establish a shield to obtaining health care [7]. It’s the instance throughout the world as well as in the Asia-Pacific domain in countries like for example, Malaysia [8].

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